Sushi Ingredients



Wasabi is served as a condiment with Sushi, along with Pickled Ginger A small amount of wasabi is placed on the side of the plate shaped in a cone. Wasabi is HOT!! Its basically a type of hot horseradish, and adds a nice bite to Sushi, and its flavour is a really good accompaniment to fish.

Wasabi can be bought ready-made in a tube, but I personally prefer the type that comes in powdered form, which you mix it into a paste. Take a teaspoon of the powder and mix it very sparingly with little drops of luke warm water. This will be enough for two people, with a 'cone' each.

Balls of wasabi

The normal procedure is to take a pinch of the wasabi, and mix it with your dipping soy sauce while you are eating to give a hot and spicy taste to your soy sauce dip.

Mixi wasabi from  powder with water.

Wasabi is like hot horseradish so you need to add only a little to the soya sauce at first as it is quite hot!!

Wasabi- prepared and powdered