Sushi Ingredients



The tuna needs to be fresh not previously frozen, make sure the tuna steak you buy is a nice dark red and has a translucent appearance and the steak is not falling apart. Too much sinew is also not desirable. The finest tuna for sushi is "Blue Fin" tuna. 

For sashimi (don't wast it on nigiris) choose "Toro" (full fat) or "Chu-Toro (half fat) blue-fin tuna. It's an aquired taste, very expensive but my personal favourite sashimi fish, followed closeley by Hamach (Yellow Tail).

Tuna for sushi


Make sure the steak is about 1 inch thick and 2 inches in width to make nigiris. You need a very sharp knife, and carefully slice the tuna width ways in thin slices for the nigiris.

Tuna is very good just on its own, the Japanese call this sashimi. You need to slice this slightly thicker than if you were making nigiris. You then just dip the tuna into the soy sauce and wasabi and eat, delicious!!

You can also make Tuna maki rolls we personally prefer tuna nigiris and sashimi.