Sushi Ingredients


Sushi-Su Rice Seasoning


Sushi-su is the seasoning you add to your sushi rice. It's basically a mix of rice vinegar, sugar and salt. I used to make my own sushi-su, by mixing 4 tbsp rice vinegar with 4 tbsp caster sugar, and one tsp of salt. They are best mixed in a warm saucepan, then left to cool. (You may also add a tbsp of Sake or Dashi if you like) Also I like to put a few wakame seaweed flakes in while cooking then remove them before using. This adds an extra depth of "sea flavour".

Then mix this with the cooled, cooked rice. This quantity will do about 500g (dry) of sushi rice.


My life changed however when I discovered the Mitsukan "Seasoned rice vinegar".. perfect..

It has a really pleasant sweet, vinegary flavour, and you simply add it straight from the bottle to the cooled, cooked rice. Just keep adding a little and tasting until your sticky rice is perfect!