Sushi Ingredients



You really need very little equipment to prepare sushi;

  • A couple of sharp knives one smooth, one bread knife.
  • A Rice Paddle.
  • A sushi rolling mat (for Maki Sushi).
  • Heavy bottom saucepan for boiling the rice.
  • A Large non-stick baking sheet for quick-cooling your cooked rice.

For slicing the fish etc, I use a big sharp knife, about 9" blade.  Make sure you knife is very sharp from hilt to tip and use single long slicing motions on the flesh, don't saw at it!That said however, an alternaive method of cutting I use sometimes if the flesh is not staying together too well is to use tiny back-and-forth movements, no more thant about 2-3mm per stroke. The key to slicing is not to flake the fish.

For slicing up a Maki Roll, I prefer to use an extremely well sharpened bread knife, with the blade kept very wet, an wiped clean and re-wet after every 3 slices. If you don't keep it wet and clean, the starch in the rice will cause it to stick to the blade as you slice, spoiling the nice clean appearance and mashing the rice grains.. ugly!

Rice Paddle

A rice paddle is used to spread or stir your sushi rice. It's basically like a wooden spoon but not cupped at the sides. If you can't get hold of one, a very smooth wooden spoon will do as a substitute. (Or if you're good with wood.. you may want to re-shape a standard wooden spoon with sandpaper!)

Rice PaddleRice Paddle

Maki SUSHI Rolling Mat

An essential tool for rolling Maki Sushi Rolls. The Mat is basically a collection of round wooden sticks woven into a flat rollable shape with string.

Sushi rolling mat

You probably need to go to a specialist Japanese store to get one of these, although we have seen them for sale recently as part of sushi making kits sold in the supermarkets! In the UK, there are two sources I know; the Anglo-Japanese store in Brighton, and Atari-Ya in  Acton, West London.

A useful tip that some have suggested is to cover your mat in cling film (sarran wrap) to stop the rice sticking to the mat. I never do, but then I don't do the washing up!!