Sushi Ingredients


Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is an essential accompaniment to Sushi. Typically it is served on the table either straight from the bottle, or from a little 'tea-pot' like dispenser. You would place about a tablespoon of soy into a small dipping bowl, then mix in a little wasabi to taste, then dip your sushi pieces into the sauce. Some sushi chefs may find it offensive if you dip certain types of sushi into the soy. Generally avoid dipping 'unagi' (eel) and the cooked vinaigrette tuna nigiris.

Soya sauce

I have tried many soya sauces, and always come back to one as my favourite.. Kikkoman. It has a pleasant flavour (no too strong or salty) and comes in a convenient bottle. The Yamasa is good too, but may be to intensely flavoured for some.  For Sashimi, consider Tamari soy sauce, it seems to work well and has a slightly smokey flavour.