Sushi Ingredients


Sashimi - Raw Prepared Fish & Seafood

I think is fair to say the once people really get into sushi and become more adventurous, they begin to really "get" sashimi!

Sashimi is basically sushi,  but without the rice, seaweed or other bits that get in the way of the pure taste and texture of the fish or seafood flesh.

Sashimi Yellowtail and Salmon

I personally love sashimi, and some type of fish really lend themselves to being eaten in this style. My Favourites in order are:

  • Yellowtail (Hamachi)
  • Half Fat Tuna (Chu-Toro)
  • Salmon (Sake)
  • Mackrell (Saba)

Yellowtail has a delighful flavour of the sea, has light flesh and quite oily. Half Fat Tuna is very oily, and an acquired taste as it is quite fatty, but the flavour is unbelievable. I find full-fat tuna (Toro) just a bit too much of an acquired taste!

Salmon is great, very flavoursome, and nowhere near as expensive as Hamachi or Chu-Toro).

Saba is marinated fillet of mackrell served with the skin on but the outer skin membrane removed. It not only looks beatiful, it tastes great. This is one type of sashimi tha in the UK you can get in abundance anywhere without having to seek out a specialict fish store which sells sashimi grade fish. Watch this space, we'll soon be putting full illustrated instructions on this site tp prepare your own saba!

Sashimi fich is generally dipped inot shoyu soy sauce with wasabi. Dont dip saba though, it has more than enough flavour and saltiness of its own due to the marinade.