Sushi Ingredients


How to Roll Sushi (Maki)

First of all, you should prepare the rice as described in the section on ingredients, then mix it with the sushi-su. I'm always in a hurry, so I stretch out about 0.5 metre of kitchen foil, shiny side up, and spread the rice in a thin layer all over it to help it to cool quickly and also to give me a neat layer for spreading onto the Nori Seaweed.


Then, when the rice is cold, take your sushi rolling mat, and place a sheet of the nori seaweed on the part of the mat closest to you. Two points... 1) If you are making "inside-out" California rolls, remove about 1/3 of the seaweed sheet with a sharp knife and discard. and 2) if your seaweed has a rough and a smooth side, lay it on the mat rough side up, it makes the rice stick and spread easier.

Seaweed (Nori) in Mat

 How to Make a California Roll....

With a rice paddle, spread rice evenly over the front 3/4 of the seaweed, leaving the last 1/4 bare and also trying not to spread too thickly or mash the rice unduly. It helps to wet your rice paddle regularly. Try to cover right up to the front edge as much as possible.

spread the seasoned cooked rice to cool it

Now the tricky California roll!, with thumbs and fingers take hold of the back edge of the seaweed which has no rice spread on it, and lift it off the mat and flip over the seaweed sheet, so that the rice goes face down onto the mat. (this is easy with the first California roll, but subsequent ones stick more as the mat gets stickier!!)

Flip Nori over

Once you've flipped the rice over, lay your ingredients in a line about 1/4 the way in to the seaweed, for California rolls use Avocado, Crabstick, Cucumber.

Optionally you can additionally use strips of fresh salmon, (the trimmings of any salmon you used to make nigiri sushis are useful for this) and sometimes I add finely chopped spring onion too.

Add ingredients

Then roll the seaweed from the front, starting it by hand, tucking it over with your fingertips so that all the ingredients stay together....

Rolling Start

Then finally finish off by picking up the mat as shown, and roll tightly into a neat, compact roll.


When you've rolled it, leave it to stand for about 5 minutes. If desired you may then roll the roll over a layer of toasted sesame seeds but not everyone enjoy that, (those with a nut allergy may not thank you!!)


Then slice into 6-8 pieces with a sharp wetted cerrated knife. Arrange the roll pieces on a plate (good presentation is essential).Serve at room temperature. NEVER SERVE SUSHI FROM THE REFRIGERATOR! it destroys the texture and flavour.

Et voila.. California rolls!!... Enjoy!!

California Rolls