Sushi Ingredients


How to Prepare Nigiri Sushi

nigiri sushi with unagi (eel), sake (salmon) and hamachi (yellowtail)

First of all, you should prepare the rice as described in the section on ingredients, then mix it with the sushi-su. I'm always in a hurry, so I stretch out about 0.5m of kitchen foil, shiny side up, and spread the rice in a thin layer all over it to help it to cool quickly, although if you have more time, it probably best when making Nigiri sushi to just let the rice cool in a bowl.

Then slice your fish (salmon, eel  (unagi), tuna, yellowtail, red snapper etc.) into slices of about 17mm x 45mm x 2mm thick. Any trimmings can be used to put into Maki rolls or frozen for later use in a fish pasta dish for example.

sliced tunal (toro) and salmon (sake)


Once you have all your fish and rice ready, you can start making the Nigiris. First have a bowl of water with a liberal amount of rice vinegar in it to regularly wet your hands. Dip your hand into the water and leave it wet.

squeeze rice

For each Nigiri, take a small palm full of rice and squeeze it firmly until it sticks firmly together.

squeeze the rice it the pal of your hand

Put it down on a flat clean surface. Repeat as necessary for each Nigiri. Then using two thumbs and two forefingers, neatly shape the rice into 'cigar' shapes.

Optionally, add a small piece of wasabi to each nigiri before laying the fish on the rice....

fish laid on to of rice balls

Then lay the fish over the top of the rice, gently shaping it over the top of the rice.

Serve at room temperature. NEVER SERVE SUSHI FROM THE REFRIGERATOR!, it destroys the texture and flavour.

Et voila.. Nigiri Sushi!!... Enjoy!!

Nigiri Sushi