Sushi Ingredients



The Avocado Pear is used in California Rolls, (which are best rolled with the rice on the outside of the Seaweed).

Don't be afraid of Avocado. Many people talk about the Avocado as being full of fat and really bad for you. In fact, the Avocado is GREAT food. The fats in Avocado are good fats.. mono-unsaturated fats (like those in Olive Oil) which raise the good HDL Cholesterol levels in the bloodstream, which in turn help neutralize the harmful LDL Cholesterol in your blood.

Cut the avoacado in half


Avocado has a wonderfully buttery texture and nutty, flavour. At their best Avocados can taste vaguely 'oniony'.

Twist the Avocado

In my opinion, the 'Haas' avocado has the best flavour, it's richer and nuttier. They can be identified by their darker appearance (more purple than green), plus their skin is much coarser and bumpy.

Remove the avocado stone

Choosing the right Avocado for Sushi is VERY important. There is nothing worse than eating California rolls with under ripe, firm avocado. The ideal texture is buttery. Don't be afraid to gently squeeze an Avocado in the palm of your hand before you buy it, it should just 'give' a little.

Slice Avocado

The best Avocados I've found (in the UK) are from Waitrose Supermarket, it sells two-packs of "Ripe and Ready to Eat" Avocados.. although on occasions I've found them over ripe, indicated by blackening inside the flesh!!

Another important point: Its best to not to store the avocado in the refrigerator for at least two hours before serving, it will be far too cold, and firm in the mouth, and the taste is spoiled.