Sushi Ingredients


Unagi (eel)

Seasoned freshwater eel (Unagi), though not actually raw fish like most sushi, this is one of my personal favorites. The Unagi is also quite different from most sushi in that it is best served just slightly warm. Also, when eating Unagi nigiri sushi, its not necessary to dip it into your soy sauce or wasabi, as there is plenty of flavour in the eel seasoning already. "Anago" is the Sea eel.                                    Prepared eel (unagi) in a pan for roasting

The unagi is seasoned with sweet cooking sake, soy sauce, sugar and msg. (You can see why it does not require dipping!)

In the UK, I've found that good (even poor!) eel is difficult to buy, and the preparation is tiresome. So I buy ready made unagi in London. It comes prepared, seasoned, frozen and vacuum packed, ready to pop into the 350F oven for 10-12 minutes.

Frozen shrink-wrapped prepared unagi

Once cooked, allow to cool till its warm, slice into diagonal strips then place on rice nigiris (no wasabi) and wrap a strip of nori seaweed around it. Serve immediately.