Sushi Ingredients



Used in the California Rolls, these are perhaps the most straightforward ingredient. Available in most stores, they are low fat and very tasty. "Crabstick" is probably the wrong name for this product, because in reality they probably contain only a very small percentage of crab meat. They are mostly made from pressed white fish of many varieties. This is perhaps the reason that most supermarkets, at least in the UK, display them as "Seafood Sticks". In the UK they cost around 11pence each.

Seafood sticks, otherwise known as crab sticks or surimi

Preparation For California Rolls

Simple, remove the cellophane sleeves, simply slice them into two, lengthways, cutting down the middle of the red-stained face, so each half has some red colouring. About two and a half of these will be laid lengthways inside the California Roll, the remaining half is a nibble for the chef!