Sushi Ingredients


How to Make Sushi Recipies Nigiri & Maki

This site is our guide for how to make sushi, sushi ingredients, and serving suggestions. This site has been around now for over ten years! It's our little effort to share with others the fun and delight of enjoying Sushi, all made at home!

We've rercently added video tutorials across the site which we hope you find useful.

Initially when we set out with this little web site, sushi was hardly eaten at all in the UK except for in top-notch Japanese restaurants in London. Now, this healthy food has become so popular that most supermarkets sell lunch-packs of ready made sushi in the chiller along with the good old sandwiches, scotch-eggs and pork pies!

This revolution is on a par with the transition from a snack by the seaside moving from "pie 'n chips" to an parma ham, avoacado and mozzarella panini!! Who'd have thought!?

A table laid-out with sushi, warm sake and wine

Making sushi is difficult to get right, but it's fun. Once you master it, you'll be experimenting with new ideas. A great way to entertain is to invite your freinds round for an evening where you involve your guests in the praparation too.. it's hilarious!!

Above all its much more cost effective to make your own, as sushi is still pretty expensive!

Enjoy life!

Ian & Sue Mitchell

On the left, nigiri sushi and sashimi, on the right, maki sushi rolls

Ganbaroo!  (Let's go for it!!)